Planned Preventative Maintenance – your tailor-made building services maintenance package

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) ensures our clients get the most from their assets.

On the one hand, it prolongs the life of your building infrastructure, boiler and equipment, on the other it can prevent the need for expensive remedial engineering.

When a building’s services are running efficiently, our clients make additional savings in electricity and fuel costs, passing those savings on to tenants can also improve your occupancy rates.

Empire Specialist Services Ltd offer bespoke engineering maintenance services created to perfect the maintenance program to suit each individual site, ensuring clients receive the services that meets their needs and wants.

From the range of luxury apartments and complex multi-building sites to smaller office blocks, our engineers deliver quality services that enhance your investment.

Facilities management services for the complete solution - Building on what we do best

Our emphasis on communication and partnership means we understand our clients and their unique needs. No matter how big and complex or small and focused their businesses are, we can provide the complete solution they need to keep their building or site in the best possible condition.

  • By utilising our nominated sub contractors we can service lifts, fire alarms, smoke alarms, automatic open vent systems, intercoms, doors, door entry and CCTV systems.
  • Our specialist services give clients the option of using a single supplier for all their engineering maintenance needs.
  • Budgeting, communications and accountability are fully streamlined.
  • This simplicity gives you both peace-of-mind and the advantage of clearer planning.

There’s also a 24-hour emergency call out service that guarantees to get a qualified engineer to your door within two hours.

Design, installation and project management -Sometimes, a new system is the best option

All good things come to an end, and the same is true of installed engineering assets, irrespective of a solid PPM programme equipment eventually becomes more cost-effective to replace rather than repair it.

Bearing that in mind, we offer complete design, installation and project management service should a new system or upgrade be required.

Our company can formulate the required planning and resources to successfully carry out such a project, project manager and engineers/subcontractors work together to limit any disruption to site.

Prior to commencing a project, we compile a detailed method statement and discuss the content with all parties concerned to ensure all occupancy and management concerns are taken into account at the planning stage.